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Three Kingdoms Period

Gapyeong-eub, which is part of Gapyeong County, was first a territory of Goguryeo and was called Geunpyeong-gun or Pyeongbyeong-gun, and was later incorporated into Shilla.

Shilla (757)

During the reign of King Gyeondeok of Unified Shilla, named to today' s Gapyeong-gun

Goryeo (1018)

Became a part of Chunju in the 9 th year of King Hyeonjong of Goryeo

Chunju is today ' s Chuncheon, Gangweon-do, and was the administrative capital of Gyoju-do (former name of Gangweon-do).

According to the maps of Goryeo History , Hwaaksan and Cheongpyeongsan (today ' s Obongsan located in Cheongpyeong-ri, Buksan-myeon in Chuncheon) are mentioned as the representative mountains of Gapyeong-gun. Thus, it is evident that the during the Goryeo Dynasty, Gapyeong stretched out to parts of Sabuk-myeon, Chuncheon in Gangweon-do, which is in the vicinity of Bukmyeon, Gapyeong-gun of today and even to parts of Buksan-myeon.


In 1413 (13 th year of Taejong), it was incorporated into Gyeonggi-do from Gangweon-do and a provincial officer was dispatched to this area as the governor

After ousting the king through the Jungjong Reform, Jungjong ascended to the throne and in 1507 (2 nd year of Jungjong), in the honor of the king, it was promoted to gun (county) status and called Gapyeong-gun.

In 1697 (23 rd year of Sunjong), it was demoted to hyeon and in 1707 promoted back to gun status.

In 1888(25 th year of Gojong), it was incorporated into Gangweon-do and in 1895 it was temporarily incorporated into Pocheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do, but became independent as Gapyeong-gun one year later.


Reorganized as an administrative district in July 1 according to the Presidential Decree No. 6542 (declared in March 12, 1973 ) and Gapyeong-myeon became promoted to Gapyeong-eub.


Administrative area name change from Weoseo-myeon to Cheongpyeong-myeon on December 1, 2004