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Hyeundeungsa 3-story Stone Pagoda

  • Name : Hyeundeungsa 3-story Stone Pagoda
  • Location : Hapan-ri, Hamyeon
  • Management Organization : Hyeundeung Head Priest (031-585-0707)
  • Designation No. : Tangible Cultural Property 63
  • Designation Date : September 26, 1974


This 3-story stone pagoda from the early Joseon Dynasty built on the left end of a large stone terrace within the Hyeundeungsa Temple is 3.7m high and has been preserved almost perfectly. Though this stone pagoda has the common features of square 3-story stone pagodas, taking into account its special stylobates and types of ornamental patterns on the surface that are unseen from pagodas in the Goryeo Dynasty, it is presumed to be have constructed in the early Joseon Dynasty

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Public Transportation

  • Train : Board Chuncheon-bound train from Cheongnyangni Station and get off at Cheongpyeong
  • Bus : Ride Chuncheon-bound bus from Donseoul Terminal or Sangbong Terminal and get off at Cheongpyeong
  • City Bus : Board Hyeonri bound bus at Cheongpyeong Terminal and get off at Hyeonri Board Sangpan-ri bound bus at Hyeonri and get off at Unaksan