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Governor Background

Kim Seong-gi

  • DOB : September 14, 1956
  • Education : Hallym Polytechnic University Department of Public Administration


  • Public administration officer of Gapyeong-gun Office in Gyeonggi Province (33 years)
  • Chairperson of the Gapyeong Middle and High School Alumni Association (15th, 16th)
  • Advisor to the Korean Army Veteran Gyeonggi Gapyeong Branch
  • Superintendent of the Gapyeong Little League Baseball Team
  • Member of the Korean Unification Gapyeong-gun Association Committee
  • Member of the Gapyeong Elementary School Operating Committee
  • Chairperson of the Korean Special Olympics Gapyeong-gun Branch
  • 8th Gyeonggi Provincial Council Administrative Autonomy Committee Member, Health and Welfare Public Announcement Committee Member