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Han Seok-bong Writing Contest

Han Seok-bong

  • Period :October 11, 2009 (Sunday) 10am
  • Location :Gapyeong Gym (Adults), Gapyeong Middle School (Elementary, middle and high school)
  • Participation : Chinese character calligraphy, Hangeul calligraphy, Literay art (choose only one)
  • Contest : Adult (18 years or over), Elementary, middle and high school
  • Contact : Gapyeong Culture Center TEL 031)582-2016, FAX 031)582-8667 Gapyeong County Culture & Tourist Department TEL 031)580-2994, FAX 031)580-2069
  • Host :Gapyeong County
  • Supervisor : Gapyeong Culture Center
  • Sponsors : Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Gyeonggi-do, Gapyeong Office of Education


The Han Seok-bong Writing Contest is a nation-wide cultural festival of Gapyeong in remembrance of the posthumous influence of Han Seok-bong, who was a governor of our county during the Joseon Dynasty. It is hosted and supervised by Gapyeong County and the Gapyeong Culture Center . Fairness is the most important aspect of this contest and the level of participants are continuing to increase, making it a prominent writing contest. Furthermore, various performances and exhibits are available to enjoy by not only participants, but for families and the entire community. It is expected to be held as a cultural festival during October: The Culture Month.

Traffic Information

Public Transportation

  • Train : Cheongnyangni St. (Bound for Namchuncheon) - Bus at Gapyeong St .
  • Bus : Sangbong, Dongseoul Terminal - Get off at Gapyeong
    Shuttle bus to the Jarasum International Jazz Festival runs from Gapyeong Station and Gapyeong Bus Terminal


  • Seoul Guri Route 46 Gapyeong-eub