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Cheongpyeong Lakeside

  • Name : Cheongpyeong Lakeside
  • Location : Cheongpyeong-ri, Cheongpyeong-myeon and Hwagok-ri, Seolak-myeon in Gapyeong-gun
  • Contact : 031-580-4669
  • Management : Gapyeong County Office


Cheongpyeong Lake was created with the construction of the Cheongpyeong Dam in 1944 and at its peak the lake stretches across 19 million m2. On both sides of the lake, Homyeonsan (Mt.) rises high to complete a beautiful view. People seek Cheonpyeong Lake for vacations in the summer and it is frequented by tourists all year round. It is a popular water-ski resort and every year, young fish are released for visitors to fish. It is also connected with the Bukhangang riverside and is an incomparably beautiful one-day drive course. Cheongpyeong Lake was designated at a preserved body of water as part of the main tributary of Bukhangang in 1977, but in November, 1984, it was opened to the public. While it was preserved, approximately 16 million carp and 1 million Prussian carps were released by Gapyeong County and a considerable amount of fish was also released from the nearby Cheonpyeong Fishery Research and Development Institute. In particular, Prussian carp, leather carps, mandarin fish, etc that lived in Uiam Lake, Soyang Lake, Chuncheon Lake and Paro Lake, to the north of Cheongpyeong Lake were released, and they follow the flow of Bukhangang and sometimes stay at Cheongpyeong Lake. It is advisable to fish at places avoiding motorboats, water ski and pleasure boats. Cheonpyeong Lake is cold and has clear water, making night fishing better than day-time fishing.

Traffic Information

Public Transportation

  • Train : Board Chuncheon-bound train from Cheongnyangni Station and get off at Cheongpyeong
  • Bus : Ride Chuncheon-bound bus from Dongseoul Bus Terminal or Sangbong Terminal and get off at Cheongpyeong