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Sub Visual



Emblem that symbolizes the image as a leisure-sport, garden city, which is the general aim of Gapyeong-gun, and contains an urban image of a future filled with harmony and energy in its residents.


Expresses a progressive and dynamic image of a person in the natural city of Gapyeong enjoying leisure sports Expresses the clean image of Gapyeong as a city of clear waters

  • Blue : Represents clear and pure image
  • Green : Represents green and blue image



Friendly, dynamic and cute image that represents Gapyeong-gun that acts as a link between Gapyeong-gun and its people.


Using a pine nut as the motif, it was personified and shows a half-peeled nut with hair flowing in the wind. It uses natural colors and its name is Jatdori from its original Korean name to make it easy to recognize and remember.

Gapyeong County Bird : Pheasant

  • Designation Date : October 10, 1972
  • Meaning : Its magnificent feathers represent the beautiful scenery of Gapyeong and its upright posture symbolizes the never failing spirit of Gapyeong.

Gapyeong County Tree : Korean White Pine

  • Designation Date : October 10, 1972
  • Meaning : Pine trees, which are planted all across the area has straight branches and is an ever-green that symbolizes the transparent and chaste spirit of the residents of the area

Gapyeong County Flower : Forsythia

  • Designation Date : October 10, 1972
  • Meaning : The beauty of the forsythia, which blossoms in March, represents the hopes of residents for everlasting development.

Gapyeong County Agricultural Product Brand

Name : Pureun Yeonin (Blue Love)
This represents that agricultural goods produced in Gapyeong have the nature's cleanliness and the purity of lovers; it symbolizes agricultural goods that is recognized by nature

Image Symbolism

Expresses the clean natural image of Gapyeong and its community culture.