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On average, the national pine nut production volume is approximately 748,000kg, while Gyeonggi-do takes up about 61% of the production at 460,000kg. The pine nut production volume of Gapyeong County is 330,00kg, which is approximately 72% of the production volume of Gyeonggi-do and 44% of the national total, making it the home of pine nuts.

Pine nuts are the perfect food because it has a good balance of nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins and fat, as well as minerals and vitamin. In particular the fat and protein content is 64.2g and 18.6g respectively per 100g of pine nuts, making it incomparable to other foods. Korean White Pine leaves have five sides and is 7~12cm with short teeth at the end. Its flowers blossom in May and its nuts resemble long eggs and are 12~15cm long and 6~8cm in diameter. It becomes ripe in September of the next year and only one nut is grown on each line, and it produces about 100 nuts on one fruit.