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Promoting County Objectives

  • In order to support the accomplishment the county objective of a changing and energetic Gapyeong, the county polices were set as an open county, abundant local economy and a educational culture for all.
  • In order to procure the exercising power of county policies, the interconnection of long-term general development plans and mid-term financial plans is to be improved.
  • By promoting system reforms on various laws that obstruct the development of the county and based on the analysis of the overall county system such as organizational reforms, it must be flexibly handled for changes with outside conditions.

Reliable Open County Policy

Administrative services for the county residents shall no longer be of the former and unilateral administration, but will be friendlier, faster, easier to understand and fairer as an open county policy in order to change to enhance the administration ' s satisfaction level.
By changing the atmosphere in which redundant regulations, such as metropolitan renovation plans, deteriorates living conditions, a bright and positive administration that gives hope, courage and happiness to the residents will be unfolded.
In order for this, assertive policy reforms and the creativity and volunteering spirit of civil servants for city development policies that utilize the local features are required, and only through careful consideration and transparent administration, can our county policies by reliable.

Abundant Local Economy

Through environment-friendly development that can create high value-added utilizing magnificent natural environments, we shall establish a garden city that attracts 20 million flowing population from the city and creates new residents.
The quality and distribution structure for agricultural specialty goods will be improved and export shall be expanded in order to enhance local income, while tourist infra will be constructed using the abundant forestry and natural environments to increase the income of local residents.
Traffic networks will be expanded and IT, BT and other industries will be invited and promoted for establishing a strong industrial economy base and residential foundations, in order to promote the local economy.

Educational Culture for All

Fostering talent is the most important to procure local competitiveness, and thus, through the extension of school education cooperation support projects, we will create sustainable school education and help our children to maximize their potential through outstanding educational environments.
Furthermore, by establishing a future-oriented educational environment, we will become a hub for education and make sure that people come to Gapyeong for their children ' s education, while nobody leaves Gapyeong to find better education for their children elsewhere. By establishing a life-long learning area, residents can find happiness and joy through ' learning ' and through this learning, we plan to improve the harmony and quality of life for the county people.