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  • Name : Unakmanggyeong
  • Location : Hapan-ri, Hamyeon
  • Contact : 031-580-2480
  • Management : Gapyeong County Office


Unaksan (Mt.), which is 935m above sea level, was designated as the sixth of the eight scenes of Gapyeong. Just like its name in Korean, it has a beautiful view of magestic rocks seemingly poling holes into clouds. It is also home to Hyeundeungsa ( Temple ) as well as Baeknyeonpokpo (waterfall) and Nunsseob-bawi (rock). At Manggyeongdae, which is the summit, visitors can get a bird ' s eye view of Hyeonri city to the left of Neungsan at the south and towards the back all of Pocheon can be seen. Visitors can also get a glimmer of Myeongjisan and Hwaaksan to the north. Unaksan is the most beautiful of all mountains in Gapyeong-gun and hikers can enjoy the charm of mountains, valleys and forests all at once. In addition, visitors can enjoy the serene calm at the thousand year old temple, Hyeundeungsa. A small tavern at the foot of the mountain awaits visitors with rice wine, tofu, acorn-starch jelly, and other delicacies.

Visitor Information

Some restricted areas in the mountain

Traffic Information

Public Transportation

  • Train : Board Chuncheon-bound train from Cheongnyangni Station and get off at Cheongpyeong
  • Bus : Ride Chuncheon-bound bus from Donseoul Terminal or Sangbong Terminal and get off at Cheongpyeong
  • City Bus : Take Hyeonri-bound city bus at Cheongpyeong Terminal