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  • Name : Yumyeongnonggye
  • Location : Gail-ri, Seolak-myeon
  • Contact : 031- 589 - 5487 (Yumyeongsan Resort Forest Office)
  • Management : Gapyeong County Office


This mountain is 864m above sea level and located in Gail-ri, Seolak-meon and is loved by hikers because of its continuously flowing waters in fantastic rock valleys. The scenery is made more majestic through glass-clear ponds such as Bakjiso, Yongso and Madangso. Yumyeongsan Natural Resort Forest , operated directly by the Korea Forest Service is equipped with log cabins, tenting grounds and hiking trails, making it perfect for all-season hiking courses. There is also a culture-village located in the vicinity. This is closed to visitors on Tuesdays.

Visitor Information

Yumyeongsan Resort Forest Office -> Odalsaem fountain left side -> Peak -> Yumyeongsan valley river joining point -> Yongso -> Bakjiso -> Valley entrance: Opened year round Other areas restricted during specified periods

Traffic Information

Public Transportation

  • Train : Board Chuncheon-bound train from Cheongnyangni Station and get off at Cheongpyeong
  • Bus : Ride Chuncheon-bound bus from Donseoul Terminal or Sangbong Terminal and get off at Cheongpyeong
  • City Bus : Take Seolak-bound city bus from Cheongpyeong Terminal, get off at Seolak and transfer to Yumyeongsan-bound bus