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Homyeong Lake

  • Name : Homyeong Lake
  • Location : Sangcheon-ri, Cheongpyeong-myeon
  • Contact : 031) 580-1217 (Cheongpyeong Pump Generator)
  • Management : Nambu Generating Co. Cheongpyeong Pump Generator


This is a reservoir from the nation ' s first pump-type generator, and together with the magnificent views of Homyeongsan (Mt.), the vast reservoir offers beautiful scenery that resembles the crater lake of Mt. Baekdu . Take a bus from Gapyeong-eub and get off at Sanyu-ri or at Sangcheon Station in Cheongpyeong-myeon and hike to Homyeong Lake to enjoy the scenery. The long canyons extending from mountains are also excellent resting areas, in which can be enjoyed by hiking. The view of Cheongpyeong Lakeside from Palgakjeong at Homyeong Lake is also breathtaking. The Sangcheon fishing pier in the middle of the canyon provides enjoyment for fishing enthusiasts as well.

Visitor Information

Homyeong Lake is currently not opened to tourists and can be visited only with prior approval.

Traffic Information

Public Transportation

  • Train : Board Chuncheon-bound train from Cheongnyangni Station and get off at Sancheon Station
  • Bus : Ride Chuncheon-bound bus from Donseoul Terminal or Sangbong Terminal and get off at Cheongpyeong or Gapyeong